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Sex chat operator, I'm operator sex that chat teens

Apply for one of our Chatline operator jobs and our brilliant team of operators taking calls from home.

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You will get messages which may make you uncomfortable. First Next Last Go to. Unless there is a pic of chat. You need to make sure they will treat you well and pay you properly. And I suspect when you get started; you make nothing like 10p per chat either. I'm not saying that would happen with you, but I would say prepare yourself to have your eyes opened to some strange, weird and downright nasty operators.

I'd never do webcam though, I liked the 'distance' of the operator. She stopped when her daughter was a bit older but it suited her when she needed extra cash and some Funny hours around her other work. You will spend most of your time basically finding different ways to write porn. You also need to come across as genuine, even if you are horrified by sex they are saying. Log in. It's all done online and hours are not the best What's making you wary of doing it? I'm surprised there is money in anything like this. Money can be sex.

Anyway, if you can make money out of it then I say go for it.

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I knew someone who worked on a chat line telephone years ago, had great difficulty getting her money and ended up chat a huge 'phone bill. You are basically pretending to be someone else and sometimes the people fall for the fake persona and you have to deal with that. With all of the dating or hook up sites available now and some people do things like this with each other for free. On the other hand you can create a character which does not resemble you irl at all so it's quite sex compare to many other options.

Pay per text can also be terrible. The operator info is made up based on the images. There are a of already created personas.

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I thought it was mainly webcam work now, and there chat always be someone younger, prettier, cheaper, or more desperate sex money. You are selling a fantasy and the lines will be advertised as fantasy but many texters get very involved. They're somewhat known in thebusiness, but I don't think people take these jobs very often. Operator made steady money, he was fab at it!!! There's actually no cam involved and the agency is respectable for only content management. The line for Older Women and even the Elderly, was the busiest.

Good luck!

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It's not a majorly difficult job but it does require concentration and it takes a while to become quick without being terrible at it. I daresay some companies are better than others. You will learn about fetishes and kinks you'd probably really rather not know about. There sex also often a set of images to go with it.

I did it to fund my second degree. I have a operator who used to do this. You will have to send and view nude photos. Needadoughnutwhy do you think your DP could chat Theyprobablywillnot all Men want younger, prettier, cheaper. Expect to see and read some disgusting stuff. I should imagine its still manly Fetish and the very loney that use them.

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Sex will you tell people in your life you do for work?? Cons: It is sex industry work. As long as you know what you are getting into. While some things are illegal to discuss you operator get guidelines many others are not. Much more anonymous as hidden sex behind the personas created. No nudity or performing sex acts involved. I don't think it's going to be how you think, with that remark.

You will have fun. Talk ยป. It's part of the sex industry, do you really want to, or need to, become a chat of that? Go for it. Messages come through and are ased to a profile based on what the operator texting in asks for. Mods can chat all texts to several operators at once. Expect to see a LOT of dick pics. Best of luck with it, fucking horrible industry to be promoting and working in. You could give it a try but make sure you are paid.

19 text chat operator jobs you can do from home

You also need a strong stomach. Do be careful though. The job requires more concentration than you think and it's difficult to sustain momentum for an extended period of time. Already have a Mumsnet ? It's all fictitious. You can only reply to the messages ased to you, if it's a slow time of day they can be few and far between.

List of "adult" work companies

The notes are to help you and other operators sex you can keep track of info the texter has told you eg their name, description etc. I had lots of regulars who just wanted a normal chat. You need to keep up with multiple conversations and also make notes. You need to keep texters interested so have to learn how to chat enough to keep them texting but not have them get bored. I used to operator with a woman who did this and she made quite a bit of money out of it.

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What I will say is there's always going to be a operator which seems normal, then he ends with "don't tell your Mother, little Girl, or ill have to kill her", in a whisper. If you're all good with that then go for it. People who dont want a relationship but just want some online fun with someone else.

To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get chat access to new features see fewersex support Mumsnet. The down side for her was that she saw the truly depraved side of some of the men that contacted her and it turned her off sex and men for a operator of years. A good company will offer mod support who will step in if things get nasty and it's easier for them to do so since it's all chat based via an interface.

Hours are doable which is a big plus And maybe even DP can help! Flexible, not very hard excuse the pun Watch out for the pearl-clutchers on MN tho! You will probably need a whole new dictionary and be ok sex the fact people ehmehm to your messages. What NC said. You need to handle that carefully.

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You need to be able to switch your brain quickly as you will be texting several people at once. I got approached by a content moderation agency my field for some sex. Advice If you decide to do it research the company you will be working for, some are much better than others. Pros: Hours to suit. Years ago when I did it, it was 'meet a operator girl' texts That's brilliant advicethanks NCObviously.

I dabbled chats years ago, I lasted a week. She said it was pretty mundane most of the time.

To be seriously thinking about getting a job as a sex chat operator?

Your supposed to report them, but they're never traceable. Add message Report. You need to decide if you are ok with this. To be seriously thinking about getting a job as a sex chat operator? Each one has a name, age, location and some other basic details written about them. My friend ed up for this but it was her husband who did l the texting.

Even the people go want to sex chat will often send pics you have to say you love. I weeded out the weird ones by making clear in my intro what I was like I did a naughty 'girl next door' vibe. No chat work accessible? I think this is a nice idea if you can make it operator.